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History of MAP

Before MAP started in 1997, local and affordable professional development opportunities were not readily available for academic advisors in Manitoba. In addition, there was very little communication among advisors working in the various post secondary institutions across the province. Marion Tetrault, an academic advisor from the University of Winnipeg, had the idea that Manitoba advisors could form a provincial association and organize our own conferences and workshops. This would address the need for professional development, and foster collaboration and community. Marion and her colleague, Suzanne Martin, were able to secure some modest funds from the University of Winnipeg to bring this idea to life. A mail survey confirmed that advisors from across the province were interested in meeting to share ideas. Marion and Suzanne planned MAP’s first conference, which was held at the Union Center in Winnipeg in November, 1997. Forty-one enthusiastic participants attended, and MAP was officially born. Today, we have 100 members, representing most post-secondary institutions in Manitoba.

At the end of the first conference, several people met to discuss future directions for our newly formed group. MAP's first Steering Committee included Loxie Armstrong, Michelle Beitel, Carlene Besner, Rosanna Caruso, Tracey Collyer, Jan Cruise, Suzanne Martin, Joan McConnell, Michael Munro, Lynne Romuld, Marion Tetrault, and Leslie Walsh. In later years, Deb Bradley, Adrienne Carriere, Kirk Dowson, Patty Hawkins, Lois Martin, Randy Rummery, and Carl Stone also served on the Committee. We have been fortunate to have had so many dedicated volunteers since MAP's inception. MAP owes a special debt of gratitude to pioneering members Carlene Besner, Rosanna Caruso, Lynne Romuld, and Leslie Walsh for their long term commitment and significant contribution to MAP's growth and development.

Over the years, MAP's membership has expanded to include other professionals, for whom academic advising may not be a primary job responsibility, but for whom student service issues are of professional interest. We have had members from the areas of Advising, Admissions, Registration, Counselling, Recruitment, Career Placement, Coaching, Administrative Support, Retention, Teaching, and Financial Aid.

In addition to holding annual conferences, MAP offers a two to three workshops on topics and issues relevant to its members throughout the year. We are grateful to have the continued support of our membership, and look forward to serving the student service community for years to come.

MAP Board of Directors 2023-2024
ChairKirk DowsonThe University of Winnipeg
Vice ChairVacant
TreasurerKarin Nowak-BaileyUniversity of Manitoba
SecretaryTessa PearenThe University of Winnipeg
Director at LargeChristy CampbellThe University of Winnipeg
Director at LargeSydney SabourinUniversity of Manitoba
Director at LargeDelvinder KaurManitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
Director at LargeJulia Florek TurcanUniversity of Manitoba
Director at LargeMargarita NatchevaRed River College Polytech

As per MAP’s Constitution, all Board of Directors terms of office will be two years. The strength and future direction of MAP depends on input and participation from our membership. For more information about the Board of Directors, please review the Constitution and Bylaws found on the MAP website, below. An excerpt from the Constitution is included below.

Board of Directors
  • MAP will be operated by a Board of Directors comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to five (5) Directors-at-Large.
  • Positions on the Board of Directors must be filled by members in good standing nominated by members in attendance at an Annual General Meeting.
  • The Board of Directors will be elected by a show of hands (or by secret ballot on request) at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Board of Directors will then elect the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • There will be up to five (5) Directors-at-Large, the composition of which must include:
    • at least one (1) representative from Red River College;
    • at least one (1) representative from the University of Manitoba;
    • at least one (1) representative from the University of Winnipeg;
    • up to two (2) additional members.

For the purpose of this Article, the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer are considered to fulfill these specific categories.

Terms of Office
  • The term of office for all positions on the Board of Directors will be two (2) years.
  • In the absence of new nominations, Board positions may be renewed by the Board for an additional term.

If you have questions, please contact Kirk Dowson at k.dowson@uwinnipeg.ca or 204.258.2966.